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All STARS @ is an initiative providing 1st class boxing training at a growing number of locations and communities.

At All Stars we believe everyone from children as young as 6yrs, women, teens and adults should have access to quality boxing training and fitness programs, our coaches work hard delivering boxing training to communities throughout the City of Westminster. Often these sessions are free to the public.

Find us @:

St Andrews Club
Alec Wizard House, 12 Old Pye St, London SW1P 2DG
Monday 6pm -8pm – FREE
Wednesday 6pm – 8pm – FREE

Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton St, London W2 1ND
Wednesday 6pm – 7.30pm – FREE

We are also working with schools to deliver boxing training and the positive benefits it instills in the youth within our communities. Want to work with us? get in touch