KO Boxing

Want to get fit?

And we don’t mean just fit… we mean boxing fit!

rw20100525115If the answer is yes then come to the gym and try our KO Boxing. It’s a boxing training session that will give you the ultimate fitness. The class involves a warm up, punch-bag work, skipping, shadow boxing, 1 to 1 technical work with a partner, sparring, pad work, hand weights, abdominal work, press ups and it’s all finished off with a warm down and stretch.

This is all done under the watchful eye and expert tuition of our superb coaches. There really is no better way to get fit.

KO Boxing is for both Males and Females,  training for fitness, aged 18 upwards and caters for people of all ages from complete beginners to people who have been doing it for years. Everyone is welcome so come down and give it a go.

We offer afternoon, evening and weekend classes:

KO BOXING (Age 18+):

Afternoon KO – Monday to Friday  –  12.30pm-1.45pm

Evening KO – Monday to Thursday  –  7.30pm – 8.45pm

Saturday KO  –  10am – 12pm

Member £12 per class
Member Block 10 Classes £110 ( Use within 6 weeks)
KO Boxing Annual Membership £60

Non-member £15 per class
Non-member Block 10 Classes £135 ( Use within 6 weeks)