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All Stars experienced coaches offer personal boxing training to members who are looking for 1-2-1 boxing/fitness training. The coaches are providing their service on a self-employed basis and are responsible for arrangements/fees between themselves and their clients.  As a guide 1-2-1 personal boxing training fees start from £40 per hour.

Referring Clients – When we receive inquires via email or telephone regarding 1-2-1 personal boxing training, we suggest you attend an evening or daytime KO session so you may choose a coach or alternatively you can contact one of our coaches below:

Lesley Sackey

Lesley_SackeyLesley Sackey is an ABA British Boxing Champ, European Gold Medalist, BBC3 Last Woman Standing finalist, ABA Level 2 boxing coach and level 3 personal trainer. Lesley has over 12 years of experience in boxing. She has represented England and GB on several occasions and has worked with the boxers at London 2012 Olympics.




In addition to her sporting activities Lesley has worked on a number of telelvision projects including BBC3’s Last Woman Standing, an endurance show designed to push athletes to their limits.

Lesley provides authentic boxing training designed to empower and help achieve both fitness and lifestyle goals.

Contact Lesley at



Cathy_WyethCathy has been working in the fitness industry for over 22 years . In that time she has had the pleasure of working with different types of people including children, teenagers, college students, adults and MIND association. As a qualified ABA level 1 boxing coach Cathy implements aspects of boxing into her training sessions including bag work .

“Everyone loves to throw a punch and relieve some stress”


Cathy_Wyeth_2Cathy is a highly competent and enthusiastic personal trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals . Possessing a successful record of evaluating a clients physical fitness, understand their needs and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets .


Contact : cathy wyeth 07951 689218
Email :


Taron James – Specialist Boxing Coach, Qualified Personal Trainer, Martial Artist

“All goals begin in the mind…

The seed for any goal in your life that you wish to develop, grow and achieve is born in your own mind. It is this seed or idea that has brought you to read this sentence on this website right now.

However, without Willpower (the determination to succeed through action), the goal remains only an idea and will remain only in your mind. The mind combined with the will and the actions are therefore the key initial elements in achieving your training goals (or any other goals).


My aim is to work with you, to help you achieve your training goals, to recognize your individual needs and help you to manifest them. When you succeed, I succeed.

One goal achieved, leads to the creation of new goals. The process is one of continuous growth and achievements. Practicing this way, you will challenge yourself at every step and go beyond what you previously believed was possible.

Whether you believe your goals to be possible or impossible, you are right in both cases. Belief is the key.

I welcome those who are willing to accept that challenge. Let’s do it…”

Taron James

Contact Taron at:


Contact number: 07375 945 220

Social Media:

Facebook – Taron James Fitness
Instagram – @taronjamesfitness

Abdul Shaker

Abdul has been boxing from the age of 12, since then he has had 5 amateur bouts, 7 white collar fights and 9 charity fights. Now a boxing coach, Abdul focuses on training amateur boxers at All Stars as well as providing personal 1 to 1 training sessions that cover fight preparation, overall fitness, intense cardio and weight loss.

“Having both seen the fight game from inside and outside of the ring, I pride myself on defense as well as the art of movement and technique. I always focus on Fighting Smart inside the ring and always teach everyone to box intelligently. My style combines old school techniques with new school boxing.”

“Let’s get results, let’s make history and start the journey to becoming the best version of yourself.”

Abdul provides personal training sessions for novices, amateur boxers, white collar boxers and professionals. Get in touch today!

Number: 07543951330

Instagram – @fight_smart_london
Facebook – Fight Smart London



Rasheed Aladel

Rasheed Aladel has been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years and is an ABA boxing coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Adviser, Strength and Conditioning Coach and recently qualified as a human development coach to enhance the performance of athletes and busy executives. Rasheed recently starred in the Sports England ad campaign This Girl Can.



His approach with his clients is to achieve results that last. Using his habit changing methods, he has been able to transform his clients relationship with food and exercise. With his new approach to coaching clients, he realised that the health and fitness industry has taught us to approach our goals back to front. By following a exercise plan or diet plan, this is a short term fix that doesn’t address the REAL problem you may have with sticking to a diet or falling in love with exercise.

For a free consultation you can contact Rasheed on:
Phone number: 07782358660


Kieran O’Donnell- Boxing Coach and Qualified Personal Trainer

“Fitness is a lifestyle”

With seven years experience as an amateur boxer and 3 years a coach i now pass on my
skills and passion to help you achieve your fitness goals. I believe anyone is capable of
achieving their goals if they’re dedicated and willing to put in the hard work.



So if you’re looking for a trainer who’ll motivate , inspire and support you every step of the
way then get in touch today!


Facebook- kieran neal o’donnell
Instagram- @mrprokieran




“Big” Jack Mulowayi – Professional Boxer and Personal Trainer

Don’t wait for tomorrow, next week or next month, but start right Now!

A former professional basketball player, and now undefeated professional boxing Heavyweight prospect. Jack Mulowayi knows what it takes to be competing on a top level.




Being an active fighter, I can show you what I learn myself and help you get stronger, fitter, even lose weight to get into the best shape of your life.

This is not just a sport.
This is a lifestyle


Contact: 07404 032888
Instagram: @jmulowayi

Bobby Woods – Professional Boxer and Personal Trainer

Bobby is a current professional boxer. A talented amateur boxer who took part in over 40 amateur fights, winning junior national titles, haringey box cups, and fighting twice in Germany. With 11 years already involved in boxing and a level 3 personal training qualification, all at the young age of 22, Bobby is well equipped to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals. Whether it be weight loss, toning up or just learning to box, Bobby has everything to help you reach your targets!


For the past 11 years of my life I have dedicated myself to boxing and the lifestyle that this sport requires.
I have been lucky to work with elite boxers and trainers throughout this time that have taught me numerous methods of training aside from my speciality of boxing. I’m a firm believer that if you work hard you can achieve anything in life. A healthy body transfers into your day to day life, and I’ll be sure to push you mentally and physically to maximise your results. Remember, the more you seek the uncomfortable, the more comfortable you’ll become.


Instagram: bobbywoods1
Facebook : Bobby Woods
Tel: 07455334557